"Building Bridges of Understanding" float at India Independence Day Parade, Chicago, IL., August 14, 2004


The "Building Bridges of Understanding" float was a part of the India Independence Day Parade in Chicago, IL on August 15, 2004.


Designed to emphasize the need for greater harmony and peace among India's various ethnic, religious and linguistic groups, the float was sponsored by South Asians Gathered for Action and Reflection (SAGAR), and other like-minded groups-led by South Asian Progressive Action Collective (SAPAC).   


During the parade supporters chanted phrases such as, "Democracy, Pluralism and Peace for India."  Signs read, "Respect Human Rights," and "Many Voices, One India."  


Also SAPAC, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and the Indo-American Center volunteers conducted a voter registration drive at the Independence Day Parade of India on August 15, and of Pakistan the previous weekend. (From a report by SAPAC member Lakshmi Rengarajan, and sent by Asim Mishra)


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