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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2004

Houston, Texas: DOSTI 2004-Celebrating Our Heritage Together for Peace and Prosperity,
September 4, 2004

The Second Annual Indo-Pak Independence Day Peace Celebration organized by Indian and Pakistani Communities and by local South Asian physicians in collaboration with community activists was held at the Holiday Inn Select in Houston on September 4th 2004.

The goal of the conference was to develop people to people contact and build bridges in communities and to promote peace and friendship in South Asia. Over 250 participants attended the conference.

This was a lively, productive and fun filled evening that was enjoyed by all.

The evening began by the showing of a documentary film CROSSING THE LINES: KASHMIR, PAKISTAN AND INDIA by Parvez Hoodbhoy. Speeches and interactive discussion with audience participation followed this. The Panelists were Dr. Kamran Asdar, Mr. Amit Panday, Dr. Khalid Riaz, Dr. Pritam Rohila, and Ms. Bapsi Sidhwa. The moderator of this discussion was Dr. Nusrat Malik of KPFT 90.1 program Border Crossings.

The keynote speaker Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (Co-Chair of the Pakistan and India caucus in the House) stole the show by her passionate talk touching not only on Indo-Pakistan relations, but also on the recent violence in Russia. She applauded Indians and Pakistanis Americans on not accepting the status quo but taking the step forward towards peace and prosperity and assured support from the US Congress on any development project that is initiated by physicians that promises a better life in South Asia. She presented the US Congress Certificate of Recognition to the organizers of the evening.

Special guest, former mayor of Karachi and MNA Dr. Farooq Sattar flew in to Houston for the Conference and enthralled the audience by his passionate talk on the necessity of peace in South Asia as a relief for the suffering poor and middle class in Pakistan. He blamed the peace impasse on that part of the world on the unholy alliance of Generals and feudal lords who want to maintain the state of affairs to maintain their hold on the masses.

President Elect APPNA Dr. Hussain Malik, Treasurer APPNA Dr. Nadeem Kazi, President of the AAPI Houston Chapter Dr. P.K. Shah also addressed the conference.

The evening was capped by sumptuous cuisine by Lazeeza of Houston and a musical program by Samia Sethi of Ocasionz and by Shehzad Roy.

Dr. Rizwan Naeem was the Chief Organizer and comparer of the event. This event was a joint effort of APSA, APPNA, Indians Doctors Club of Houston, AID, KPFT 90.1FM radio and other community activists.

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