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India-Pakistan Peace Day 2005



* Greetings from Pakistan!

I am Mr. Ashfaq Masih, Principal Saint Peter's High School, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan. I am very much in favour of improved  Indo-Pak relationship. I have singed online the " Petition to ease Travel between India and Pakistan. My nnumber is 083. I have got the print and shall send you more than 50 petintioners from my areas. People from all walks of life. Community development workers, college students, women rights acivtists ect. I shall send you via postal mail.

With much love and peace,

Ashfaq Masih

*From India 

Your vision is an inspiration for youth like me. Carry on your crusade. Well done sir.

Shoukath Sharma

*Congratulations from Karachi

I am really pleased to see that an environment of brotherhood and peace is taking its roots in the minds of the peoples of both countries. If this momentum continues on we can foresee the day when there will be no war and people living across the borders would be visiting each other without much hassles of visa requirements.

Congratulations on such good efforts by the Pakistani and Indian communities that are living in USA. My best wishes for all of you.

Mohammad Nafees
Karachi - Pakistan